Sailors do it. Musicians do it. And now even geeks and grandmas do it. These days tattoos are almost ho hum, almost de riguer. But still of intense interest to designers and other fans of visual art.

The reasons behind particular tattoo choices may be personal but a lot of people seem to be using their bodies like they use the bumpers of their car. If you can’t get that vanity plate you wanted, why not just pay to have someone permanently embed the message into your skin—with needles?

Maybe the weirdest decisions to do this are on the behalf of those that want to show their love of new technology. Tattooing your brand loyalty may have seemed hip in 1984 and could be cool in 2010…


…and being a geek can look cutting-edge. At least to other geeks:justplaingeek

But what happens if Apple goes the way of Toyota or Britney or you know…Microsoft? Will you look even more uncool? Is that possible?

And for pity’s sake, can’t you just say “I’m a PC”?:

close-the-windowsNumber One rule for tattoos or anything else you put out there: PROOF BEFORE YOU PUBLISH! Please do designers—and the rest of the tasteful world—a favor. Watch that kerning, willya?


Thank you.

-Barbara Combs

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