I hope you had a chance to practice my three simple networking tips from last time. That wasn’t so hard was it? Here are three more that are certain to make your next experience more rewarding.

4. Be passionate
People are attracted to authentic and passionate people. If you believe in yourself and what you do, your passion will come through in the way you talk and present yourself.

5. Volunteer
If you think the organization is a good fit for you, then you should consider volunteering. When you are in the trenches with others, you gain their trust and friendship, you will be introduced to others at a faster rate, have greater access to movers and shakers—and it will also help you build your own confidence.

Introducing yourself to strangers can be a bit awkward and somewhat vanilla. Just to say “my name is (blank) and I am a (insert job here)” may be polite and proper, but isn’t enough to make an impact. You might as well just say blah, blah, blah.

You need to use a GARTGAF “Giv’em a reason to give a f***.” (did that get your attention?) A good GARTFAF is a conversation starter, a hook, a little twist on the norm, a way to invite the listener to ask the next logical question, which (of course) you are ready to answer.

Here are some that I have used.
“Hi I’m Jesse Doquilo with Gravity Design. I am the Director of Awesome. (funny job title always works)
. . . . . , I am the snowboard design specialist. (picking the coolest project you’ve worked on is always a winner)
. . . . . , I design minimalist furniture. (obscure descriptions invite intrigue)

***Do not use swear words when coming up with your GARTGAF.

Let me know if you try these tips and how they work for you…and more to come soon!

–Jesse Doquilo

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